Price rise from 1st July 2018

14 Jun 2018 12:37 PM -
Our annual price rise is upon us again and will be effective from 1st July 2018, to maintain and improve essential service delivery to our VIP's. 1 July each year is also aligned with a national wage increase, which I understand is 3.5% this time.  Our many rising costs, including such things as super premium food, insurances, are typically absorbed until we pass them on at this time.  Our accountant recommends a twice a year rise, we ignore that and have always stayed with the one. Who wants to be confronted with a price rise on the 1st Jan, we wouldn't.  HOW MUCH? As an example, we suspect our Dogs B&B rate will rise an additional $2, to $30.00 per day with packages being adjusted proportionately. We are doing our utmost to resist a $3 rise.  Please note a price of $30 for e.g. is inclusive of $2.73 gst.  SUPERIOR VALUE: If you break down our daily costs to a hypothetical hourly rate, $30 becomes $1.25 per hour - V - SOME OTHER CARE OPTIONS @ approx. $30.00 for a 10-15' visit, that hypothetically converts to $120 per hour.  On $ price point value alone, we believe we will always compare extremely well with other pet care options. [Final note in price rises IF the kitty cats price rise for eg. works out to be $21.40, we wont charge $21.40 we will charge $21.00, we don't round up to $22.00, this is why some years there may be a $1 rise and others $2 for eg].

UPDATE: Our website menu tabs for price increases will be updated soon.  

We thank you for your understanding and continued support.  

Kind regards
John & Linda
Whitsunday Pet Resort