3 Apr 2020 7:11 PM - New offer - assistance package - booking start date, now extended from 30/06/2020 to Thursday 01/04/2021

Saturday 4/4/20 12:40pm update: 

The following letter is published to this page as some of the recipients previously emailed, may be working remotely / off site and may not have access to their normal email: 

"New offer - assistance package - booking start date, now extended from 30/6/2020 to Thursday 1/4/2021 - please see attachment.


To All our Very Important & Valued Customers,


Good afternoon, 


Firstly Linda and I would like to personally thank each and every one of you, for your precious support as we all deal with this pandemic.


Our focus has been on proactive health measures to ensure the health of our customers is not compromised.


In conjunction with our focus on health is the inescapable economic cost to us all.


No one is immune, the pandemic will not discriminate in either area.


We must believe that we will all get to the other side of this.


The following offer is designed to help you in some small way to achieve that.


For those who have already corresponded with us we do thank for your exceptional patience to date.


Just on the subject of communication it would greatly assist us if you regularly check in our websites news blog as your preferred landing site for the latest updates that are published in full, as face book only allows a summary of such matters and our face book pages refer you to the news blog anyway. ✅


If you could all consider the attached offer with the spirit that it is intended and kindly come back to us with your advice of its acceptance or not, that would be greatly appreciated.


We certainly look forward to your next V.I.P. staycation 🐶🐱with us at Whitsunday Pet Resort, as it will mean life is finally back to normal !!!  😊


Until then please stay very safe, look after yourselves, your family and friends. 


Thank- you and Kind regards 




John & Linda Mulholland

Whitsunday Pet Resort Pty Ltd

(ABN 90 160 560 260)

915 Shute Harbour Rd

Mount Marlow Qld 4800

PO Box 1179 Airlie Beach Qld 4802

P: 07 4946 1077

F: 07 4948 3319

E: "



3 Apr 2020 7:11 PM - New offer - assistance package - booking start date, now extended from 30/06/2020 to Thursday 01/04/2021: -

"Given the evolution of coronavirus, we are updating our offer made on 18.03.20, that applied to bookings from 16/03/20 to 30/04/20.


Our offer simply needs to help you.  In the majority of scenarios it will, it needs to have a finite date, it does, it needs to share the loss, it does, it needs to be made in good faith… 


To activate this new offer, you must advise us of your acceptance in writing.  


The terms are now different. 


This new offer now applies to ALL CONFIRMED BOOKINGS i.e. bookings confirmed by us in writing for bookings with check in dates from 16/03/20 up to and including 30/09/20.


This new offer will bring some of our most valued customers back on board, who were previously restricted to a new booking that had to commence by 30/06/20.  We have extended that date to Thursday 01/04/21.  Yes, Good Friday Eve 2021.  We simply want to give our wonderful customers assurance and an increased time to pause, as our collective focus for now is clearly staying healthy. 💖🙂




1.     Booking conditions agreed to apply, including that cancellation fees and administration costs are not refundable or transferable. That if you cancel or do not show up regardless of reason, applicable cancellation and administration fees; that varies and is proportionate to the amount of written notice of cancellation provided applies. In some instances, the cancellation fees and administration costs comprise the entire booking fee.  No advice, no show, cancellation and administration fees still apply and automatically apply, if following offer conditions are not met, apply or are applied.


2.     50% of the value of 1 (ONE) x booking fee only - is now able to be transferred to: a new booking of equal length provided the ** second day of the new booking starts by “Good” Friday 2nd April 2021 - applicable pricing of the day will apply.  I say second day as 02/04/21 is a public holiday & Good Friday seems a nice period to look forward to.  **Your offers 1st check in day can be no later than Thursday 01/04/21. 😉.


a.     This will bring some of our valued customers back on board with us who were previously restricted (one time offer 18/03/20) to a new booking date that had to start by 30/06/20. To those wonderful customers, that scenario no longer applies.✅


b.     If you have previously accepted the previous offer dated 18/03/20, it will be automatically presumed you accept this offer unless you advise us differently. Par. 6. Below naturally applies


3.     I understand that if I haven’t cancelled in writing prior to the applicable booking date of check in - subject of this cancellation (as per original agreed to booking conditions) and don’t accept the offer in writingthen this offer is not activated and original terms and conditions including booking conditions and cancellation policy, automatically applies.


4.     The offer must be accepted in writing, advising that you are cancelling your previous booking.  Your written acceptance of the offer reasonably presumes you have read and understood and fully agree to the terms of this offer, numbered 1 to 13.


5.     IMPORTANT: - Rather than ask our customers for a further 50% of the booking fee to make the new booking ‘live’, the new balance due at check in will now be 80% of the new bookings total value as effectively you will now have only paid 20% of the new bookings value. See example below.


Hypothetical example in a 30 days or less cancellation notice scenario: 

Considering: New booking value as per offer is still $250 (subject to applicable pricing of the day); with effectively 50% of the original booking fee value able to be transferred.



Old booking value = $250.  

40% booking fee paid = $100.  

60% Balance due at check in, was = $150.00


New booking value = $250

20% booking fee paid = $50 

80% balance due at check in, now = $200.00


b.     A new booking confirmation advice will be sent that reflects 5. a. once you

                                               i.     Firstly, accept the offer; and 

                                             ii.     Provide new booking dates that commence no later than Thursday 01/04/21.


6.     That the responsibility to subsequently initiate and activate all future bookings within the terms of this offer, rests entirely with you, this includes those mentioned in 2. b) above. #.


7.     You agree to check back in our website news blog or facebook posts for updates on a regular basis to reduce the # extraordinary administrative workload.


8.     For those customers who have paid in full – the following * special condition applies to you only.  - For e.g. Your booking fee is $100 and the balance due at check-in was $150 and you paid the entire accommodation value of $250 in advance. The above offer and all its conditions still apply to you as well. You also stand to share the 50% loss of the booking fee.  * HOWEVER, as a genuine recognition of your potential additional support, you have the opportunity to have the booking fee transferred in full, if you choose to leave the 60% balance with us as a credit, to another date that suits you, of equal length and that occurs no later than a commencement date of 30/06/2021

9.     This offer may be adjusted, withdrawn at any time for any period and without notice and may be immediately suspended, postponed or cancelled and does not apply in any period of forced closure, suspension, postponement or cancellation as a result of coronavirus covid-19 matters or occurrence of any other act of god type or force majeure type matters, including our necessary compliance with government direction of the day.


10.  Terms and conditions, including booking conditions may naturally be adjusted to formally address this offer; and those outside and / or independent of this offer; including any changes that we deem necessary due to our proactive management of any matters relating to coronavirus covid-19 management, including any or potential government imposed requirements of the day.   Such changes in terms may be reasonably applied retrospectively to those offer recipients and given the act of god like, force majeure type conditions of the day, related or not that are occurring, and/or may reasonably occur.


11.  I also understand that this second offer is also outside agreed to booking conditions.


12.  Insurance is highly recommended. Any insurance or travel insurance or similar and exploration of the terms of coverage or exclusions to manage risk, has always been the consumers responsibility, in all and extraordinary circumstances.  Also given that act of god or force majeure type conditions may give the insurer, the supplier and the consumer an out type clause, unless you have a premium ‘any reason for cancellation’ type insurance inclusion.


13.  Summary


a.     Offer activation is not automatic, you must provide written acceptance, &


b.     Any new booking subject of this offer must commence by Thursday 01/04/21, &


c.     The new booking must be equivalent in length to the original booking, & 


d.     The balance due at check under this offer will effectively be 80% of the total accommodation period booked. Refer. Par. 5 for hypothetical explanation.


Please take utmost care! 💖


Thank you


Kind Regards

John & Linda