All pets are safe - useful weather links & potential rescheduling.

9 Jan 2021 10:38 AM -
With wet season rain typically experienced this time of year, Whitsunday Pet Resort is not experiencing any site issues other than as expected.

All pets are safe. 
  • Please be reassured WPR is very experienced (also formally trained) in progressive management of such events.
The following up to date links may be useful to you as you plan or reschedule your travel in the area:
The above link shows you:-
a) the state of the "Hamilton Plains" divergence in a Northerly direction at Proserpine, that takes you from the Bruce Highway to the start of Shute Harbour Road into Airlie Beach and in the opposite direction South to Proserpine
b) the state of "Crofton Creek" on the Gregory Cannon Valley Road by pass from Shute Harbour Road that ultimately leads to the Bruce Highway (North of Proserpine)
  • Some use the Crofton Creek bypass when Hamilton plains may be impassable.
OR call BOM on 1300 659 219 for automated land weather / flood warnings
[In left column, select 7 day town forecasts, you will be taken to a clickable map]

Always plan for safe travel that you may need to reschedule.
Rescheduling of appointments occurs in business hours and is subject to session appointment availability.  
  • Naturally you may need to reschedule your other travel plans in such circumstances.  
  • Your patience is essential & appreciated, thank you:-