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Post Cyclone Debbie update, what we do & vaccination standards

21 Apr 2017 4:27 PM -

Post Cyclone Debbie, the rebuild of the awesome Whitsundays region is under way. This brings with it busy times, coupled with some degree of uncertainty as to what's happening next for everyone.

How did we go? Firstl...

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Whitsunday Pet Resort - customer access now available

5 Apr 2017 9:54 PM - Back to normal business hours

Trust everyone is well and your recovery is moving forward in a positive manner. WPR has been trading with our complimentary off site pick ups and deliveries with great success for several days now. Throughout this time our VIP's have been enjoyin...

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Off site drop offs and pick ups extended to include Wed 5/4/17

4 Apr 2017 10:17 PM - Power stil down including phones, computers , your patience is appreciated, thank you

Hi everyone, we are doing as much as we can to restore our grounds back to normal. We still do not have electricity supply, phones or computer function. We kindly ask for your patience pending restoration of services, as we also attempt to respon...

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Whitsunday Pet Resort continues offsite drop offs and pickups; some Easter availability

3 Apr 2017 5:17 AM - Useful updates :-)

Whitsunday Pet Resort is still operating and yes we still have some of our Cyclone Debbie veterans with us. They are getting a little bit spoilt now! We also wish to advise that we still have some OH&S issues remaining restricting ac...

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VERY IMPORTANT info for potential new booking inquiries

31 Mar 2017 11:59 AM -

As a result of Cyclobe Debbie, clearly many people are in a situation where the security and welfare arrangements of your pet/s may have been compromised or failed, fences down, well intentioned visits not able to occur etc etc. For those custome...

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Re-opening Sun 2/4/17 - off site drop off and pick ups only.

30 Mar 2017 7:23 PM -

Hi everyone. All your VIP's are very well thank you. Ok, driving past we certainly don't look much at the moment but it is our intention to re-open Sun 2/4/17 in a restricted capacity. So please read on.

We now have intern...

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All pets safe, well and happy. No Comms other than news blog

29 Mar 2017 1:22 PM -

Hi everyone, ALL of your pets are safe and well. They are enjoying the extra attention. Little buggers :-)

Situation - Our kennels, cattery (block construction) and house are intact, your pets are secure. That is 100% not nego...

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Update - Cyclone Debbie

28 Mar 2017 4:02 PM -

Hello everyone. Apologies for the delay in getting this news blog posted. Been a tad preoccupied. Just a brief but very important update. ALL very important pets are well. I repeat they are doing very well. All the kids are snug & confident (...

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Update - Tropical Cyclone Debbie

27 Mar 2017 10:16 PM -

Whitsunday Pet Resort (white zone - and not part of evacuation advice) is currently fully locked down with all recommended preparations complete. Your pets are secure, very cosy and are in very good spirits! We have a very good 'mob' as they say...

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Update Cyclone Debbie - Warning Phase

26 Mar 2017 9:31 AM -

As predicted Whitsunday Pet Resort is currently included in the Cyclone Warning Zone that ranges from, "...Ayr to St Lawerence including Bowen Mackay and Whitsunday Islands" (bom.gov.au). Cyclone Debbie is expected to make land fall mid Tue morni...

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Cyclone Watch Phase at Whitsunday Pet Resort

25 Mar 2017 10:41 AM -

Whitsunday Pet Resort is currently under a cyclone watch phase and has already calmly commenced making its own preparations. Preparations that are based on our own emergency action guide that is read in conjunction with the Whitsunday Region Emerg...

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Christmas New Year Trading Days 2016 / 2017 & Our BEST Wishes!

24 Dec 2016 12:17 PM -

Open Saturday 24.12.2016 - (9am-11am ONLY) - normal business hours

CLOSED Sunday 25.12.2016
CLOSED Monday 26.12.2016
CLOSED Tuesday 27.12.2016
CLOSED Wednesday 28.12.2016

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Dog Walk for Cystic Fibrosis @ Proserpine - 7.00am Sunday 20th Nov. 2016

16 Oct 2016 9:21 PM -


Register now: @ www.cysticfibrosisrun.eventbrite.com
(age cate...

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The ANZACs - 101st year

24 Apr 2016 11:37 PM -

Thank you for your courage and sacrifice.  Thank you for your service, the understatement of the century.

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