ALL CLIENTS, to prevent a follow up email, "PLEASE" answer ALL Q’s, incl. COVID-19 Q's. ✅🙂🥇

We are unable to tell you IF we have a vacancy until you supply the requested information. Vaccination information as requested is a MUST PROVIDE.  It is as important as presenting a passport for your overseas flight.  Thank-you.

  • APPOINTMENTS OFFERED will ONLY be within TRADING HOURS  < click here.
  • Walk ups, Drive By or Drop In inquiries - can no longer occur.
  • If you use a free domain type of email address such as hotmail, yahoo, live etc  please check your spam / junk to see if we have already replied.

1. A) Arrival date - *     (1st check trading days/hours)

B) APPT preference, am or pm -

C) Departure date - *

D) APPT preference, am or pm -

* see FAQ's  ref. additional closures 

2. Package type? 

B&B - your pet is sociable of even temperament & disposition. 

Confidence - suits nervous, timid, inexperienced, unsocialised, 

Puppy Enrichment - targeted interactions, small positive positives (sic) second meal, ++

Platinum - enjoys need a few extras incl. lots more TLC 

Platinum Plus - top shelf - special baths, personal menu, central park dog walks, + +

3. Pet's Name & Breed?   

Male / Female?          De-sexed?  

4. VACCINATIONS LAST 2 -  For further processing, YOU MUST advise DATE & TYPE - you may need to check with your vet. "* YOUR ADVICE THAT THEY ARE UP TO DATE OR YOU CAN SUPPLY WILL STOP PROCESSING & CAUSE A FOLLOW UP EMAIL" *Apologies for upper case, but many are not reading this. 🙂

A) VACCINATION [current i.e. prior to inquiry date] 

DATE GIVEN …..... TYPE  ………….

B) VACCINATION [previous to 4. A) above] 

DATE GIVEN …..... TYPE  .……...…

C) VACCINATIONs for puppy’s, kittens? We need ALL 3 vacc. with date & type, PLUS Date of birth. PLEASE scan & email a legible front & back of vacc. card, otherwise a follow up email occurs.

5. ALL PETS at WPR are required to be on veterinary grade parasite prevention for Paralysis Ticks, Fleas and Intestinal Worms. List name of products and dates last administered?

[Vet certificates, product boxes and /or purchase receipts requested to be presented, if unable to do so, we can assist at check in].


A) In a few words, how would you describe your pets behaviour & personality?

e.g. timid, verbally sensitive, nervous, excitable, affectionate, gentle, playful, responsive, obedient, independent, boisterous, pushy, sociable, relaxed.

B) Does your pet suffer from any fears, phobias or anxiety e.g. storms, separation issues? If YES please list and advise if any medication is required to manage it.

C) Does you pet react unfavourably in any circumstances?

e.g. involving: other animals, car, walk/exercise, grooming, food/feeding, being left alone, people, visitors, toys, vet clinic, other.

D) Is there any other safety, or security issues we should know about? 

e.g. climbing, damages property, digging, aggression, protective, other.

E) Please advise the name of pet food fed, quantity (metric cup) & frequency of eating?

F) Does your pet have any medical conditions, injuries dietary concerns or had any medical treatment or procedures? IF YES, please list.

G) Is your pet on any medication or vet management plan for past or current medical conditions or injuries? IF YES, please list medication, dosage, frequency, details of plan.

H) Has your pet had or is it undergoing any obedience or other training (e.g. agility, behavioural, specialised)

I) What is your pets favourite game, treat or anything else we need to know?


a) Do you currently have any symptoms of cold, influenza or coronavirus / covid-19?  YES / NO.

b) Have you recently returned from overseas? YES / NO.      If YES, when? 

c) Have you been in contact with anyone testing positive to coronavirus/covid-19?   YES / NO.

d) Are you currently or have you previously undergone a period of precautionary self isolation to deal with potential symptoms in 7a) above?   YES / NO.

e) Is anyone in your household undergoing a period of self isolation to deal with symptoms in 7a) above.  YES / NO.

8. Are you aware that should you suffer from any symptoms as per Australian Government's and Queensland Health's Coronavirus / Covid-19 guidelines, then you must:

a) cancel your appointment?   YES / NO; and 

b) should notify Australian Govt, Queensland Health for tracking purposes?    YES / NO.

...and if emailing directly, could you please include your contact number 🙂


  • A booking fee is typically obtained as part of booking confirmation & appt. process
  • Responses are made during business hours (office closed Wednesdays).  
  • Thank you for your assistance & patience.

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