Leave your cat resting in the lap of luxury with our deluxe cattery!

A happy cat is an independent cat, which is why our cattery boasts a tremendous amount of space and a variety of amenities for your cat to enjoy with full autonomy. 

Our tailored and constantly upgraded cattery is second-to-none; a tranquil place where your cat can benefit from features such as their very own ceramic charcoal-filtered water fountain, Advance ® Super-Premium food, climate controlled air conditioning and safe, bacteria-eliminating Oz-Pet litter with eucalyptus oil. 

Our cat poles are also of the highest quality and both the indoor and outdoor play area of the cattery have recently had their floors coated with epoxy resin for extra hygiene. 

All the main doors in the cattery are lockable to provide added security at nighttime.  Apartments have been renovated with a new mesh and Perspex mix, balancing comfort and security.

The cattery is fully harmonised with strategic placement to ensure that guests will be free from any potential confrontation.

Aged care +$5.00 per day  (applied at operators discretion, to all pets 11 years of age and over)

2nd daily medication (routine oral & topical) +$7.00 per day (administration of / recording of / storage of vet prescribed meds)

Additional care / high dependency from $12 per day

Resort boarding fees for each pet, are calculated on a calendar day basis (from day of arrival and including day of departure)

## Our Annual price rise is effective from 1st July each year and reflects increased operating costs such as insurance, super premium food, & similar miscellaneous costs that have occurred in the preceding 12 months. 1st July is also aligned with the national wage increase. Comment: Insurance rises have been noticed in 2019/20, significant covid-19 costs have not been passed on @1/7/20.

Packages for Cats - from $25 per day, inc. gst

Standard (B&B Style):

Off Peak $25.00

Peak $28.00

This excellent value for money package from just $25 per day for your pet to have the run of a private property, or for $3 extra they can have their very own secure cattery apartment.

Guests will have access to premium-quality cat poles and litter trays, together with luxury consumables such as Advance ® & Royal Canin ® Super-Premium cat food and bacteria-eliminating Oz-Pet cat litter.

COMPLIMENTARY - Any necessary veterinary prescribed basic / standard medication will be gently applied or administered once a day with absolute compassion.

Platinum Cat:

Off Peak $36.00

Peak $40.00

For additional pampering and indulgence, the Platinum package will guarantee some extra fuss for your feline from just $36 per day.

The price includes everything provided in the Standard package plus

  • a second daily medication visit (if necessary) and
  • an exclusive, secure cattery apartment
  • personal premium cat pole with personal retreat
  • ProFleece veterinary approved bedding blanket

In addition, any supplied food will be stored, prepared, served and cleared accordingly each day.

For the smoothest kitty coats, we provide a dry wash, groom and facial for each Platinum guest: 

  • upon entry, and then 
  • every seven nights with a 
  • bonus primp and preen session before departure.

Our honoured cattery guests will also be provided with their very own special treat each and every day!

Platinum Cat Plus:

Off Peak $52.00

Peak $58:00

At the absolute zenith of cattery care, from just $52 per day your whiskered wonder could have their very own supply of Advance ® Super-Premium food and Oz Pet Premium litter (featuring our supremely efficient two-tray system); checked, filtered and replaced up to three times daily.

An exclusive, secure, split-level apartment will be set aside for your cat alone, with features arranged to your personal preference.  Depending on apartment selected, a large premium cat pole will be provided and a standard size premium cat pole is guaranteed.

Unrivalled in its comfort; our freshly cleaned, cuddly soft ProFleece veterinary approved blanket lining our bedding is sure to help your cat to enjoy the soundest, uninterrupted sleep.

Each day, a personal pot of newly picked cat grass will be provided along with a daily supplement, tempting wet treat complemented with a delicious saucer of cat milk (lactose free available of course) in accordance with your wishes.