By 'Online Booking Appointment' during following sessions:

MONDAY: 8am - 10am & 3pm - 5pm

TUESDAY: 8am - 10am & 3pm - 5pm

WEDNESDAY: CLOSED including office *

THURSDAY: 8am - 10am & 3pm - 5pm

FRIDAY: 8am - 10am & 3pm - 5pm

SATURDAY: 9am - 11am ONLY

SUNDAY: 3pm - 5pm ONLY

CLOSED: ALL PUBLIC HOLIDAYS.  Additional closures: automatically flagged within online booking system; also see FAQ's

Your appointment punctuality considers the health & safety of ALL, including those more vulnerable. ✅

* only exception in 2021: Wed 22/12/2021 - OPEN.

WPR’s VISION is to provide an EXCLUSIVE SERVICE that preserves the routine & comfort of ALL of our in-house guests.  

Rest easy as at WPR your VIP will never be interrupted or stressed by that 24/7 demand some cater for, WPR also chooses to abide by strict council bylaws.

Be sure to PLAN AHEAD & allow plenty of time, to ensure your VIP can commence their staycation at WPR on time & happy :-)