CLOSED Good Friday 02/04/2021 to Easter Monday 05/04/2021 inclusive.

...and yes we are all busily working behind the scenes, looking after your VIPs.


CLOSED - FRIDAY 24.12.21 to MONDAY 03.01.22 inclusive

...and yes we are all busily working behind the scenes, looking after your VIPs.

When is the PEAK PERIOD for the Christmas New Year school holiday period of 2021/2022? How short stay booking requests are processed.

School holidays & our peak period for Christmas / New Year 2021/2022 commences on Saturday 11th December 2021 and concludes on Sunday 23rd January 2021.  The Australia day PUBLIC HOLIDAY falls on WEDNESDAY 26th January 2022.  

  • There is no longer a minimum stay period of 7 days at Whitsunday Pet Resort for Christmas New Year.
  • However commencing Saturday 11/12/2021 - in fairness to all, there will a LIMIT placed on the number of short stay Christmas / New Year bookings, balanced by the priority & opportunity reserved for those VIP's who are staying with us from Fri 24/12/21 to Mon 3/1/22 inclusive.
  • As an example a short stay booking request (i.e. less than 7 days) in the last week leading into Xmas with a requested appointment departure date of Mon 20, Tue 21, Wed 22 or Thur 23/12/2021 may not be approved; or if it is approved; the approval may not occur until well into the start of the Christmas School holiday period as priority will be given to bookings staying with us over the Christmas / New Year break. Thank you for your patience & understanding.



(everyone is a 'new customer' for 1st time registration)

A)  CHECKING ONLINE AVAILABILITY? - this is the response you should receive: - 

"We have availability for Dogs on your requested dates.  We have availability for Cats on your requested dates"


  • TRYING ANOTHER DATE? - good idea to refresh your browser.

Why no response or a red outline?

  • Perhaps we are: closed, your booking is last minute and there are no appointment’s left for that day, it’s a public holiday, there's an additional closure in a peak holiday period, we are not currently offering daycare, etc etc. – please check the FAQ’s


ANSWER both the Q&A sections i.e. Customer AND Pet.

  • SAVE YOUR RESPONSE - by clicking on 'Update questions' at the bottom of the page.



ALL CUSTOMERS (NEW & EXISTING) NEED TO UPLOAD VACCINATION CERTIFICATES TO THEIR ONLINE DASHBOARD, ONCE REGISTERED and moving forward, upload them as you renew your pets vaccination in the recommended 12 monthly continuous cycle throughout the year.

  • Regardless of any uploads of vaccination certificates:- 
  • YOU MUST ALWAYS PRESENT your PETS PASSPORT i.e. your pets current vaccination certificate/s; at check in.

Why do you have a solo accomodation rate in the busiest part of your Christmas New Year peak period?

Solo accommodation rate (SAR) - is commensurate with covering part of the financial loss of providing additional kennel space (caused by the additional kennel management needs of your VIP).   Some establishments charge 100% extra.  We meet you 1/2 way.  It also relates to our duty of care / professional kennel management standards that we apply to all pets.  

This surcharge generally applies to non social breeds (as determined by Whitsunday Pet Resort), entire male, unsociable male/female, owner requested, resort required e.g. brachycephalic breeds or the elderly dog who require reduced stimulation & must rest, breeds or mix of those breeds of a genetic predisposition to personality traits and temperament, whether displayed before or not.  The surcharge also applies to the VIP's who have previously been, are or deemed to be potentially incompatible or are are incompatible with others and in such circumstances can also clearly apply to a sociable breed.

The surcharge is subject to demand; and so it is not applied for the entire peak period; this surcharge is only applied OR occurs at the busiest peak period times e.g. leading into and out of Christmas/New Year, Easter or large event.  

This charged has been in existence for several years and if you have not been charged this before in a busy peak period then you are ahead.
In 2021/2022 the SAR will apply from Saturday 11/12/2021 to Sunday 09/01/2022 inclusive.

Note: Our standard B&B rates have always been based on your pet possessing an even temperament with a sociable and non-aggressive nature and therefore their ability to share accommodation.  Why? The domestic dog is the majority of cases a social animal. Sharing arrangements WHEN implemented, are typically with those pets of the same family, those well socialised / trained, where NO additional costs apply.  

Obedience training and the incorporated socialisation of your pet provides a lot of cross benefit, and goes a long way to ensuring a great visit. Highly recommended. 

Recapping, solo accommodation required (duty of care to all pets) or requested in the busiest peak periods =  solo accommodation surcharge. Currently in quieter periods we have always provided solo accommodation as standard or as needed, without the surcharge being applied. If your pet meets ALL of the following: i.e. our breed, type & de-sexing requirements and possesses an even temperament with a sociable non-aggressive nature, and therefore has an ability to share accommodation; then this surcharge will NOT APPLY to you.

Why do you have a daily rate?

The service provided at Whitsunday Pet Resort is continuous: 
  • We like to offer our customers a MORNING CHECK IN & AFTERNOON CHECK OUT without additional charge.  Such options are already included in the price of our daily rate.  On our busiest days  the service commences with the provision of a morning check in for your VIP (closed Sunday morning).  We then attend to your VIP's needs on a constant basis until what is typically, their afternoon departure (closed Saturday afternoon).   
  • Concierge simply does not stop and nor should it.  VIPs these days are very social and equally reliant and dependent upon having their water source refreshed, their bed remade, their rooms serviced as required, floors regularly cleaned and so on. 'I think I need exercise - now' OR 'My bath is due?' are fairly common scenarios.  Not a bad life really, for our VIP's :)
In practice, arrival and departure sessions are often varied by our customers.  Your pets accommodation space must also be allocated for the entire day regardless of when you arrive or depart, so current in house guests, and the next pet (your pet) can be guaranteed their accommodation space. 

Whitsunday Pet Resort accommodation fees are calculated on a calendar day basis (from day of arrival and including day of departure) regardless of which check in and check out time session you choose.

Best way to use us - check in, in the morning and check out, in the afternoon on our busiest days.  
Remembering though, we are closed Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

Considering OTHER OPTIONS for pet care? - Please consider the following:

Whitsunday Pet Resort (WPR) provides a high level premium service that is focused on our vision, that is first and foremost to our Very Important Pets. A vision that respects our in house guests, the old, young and not so old, their routine and particularly those on exclusive premium packages.  We are very experienced in resort operations to an elite private & government standard, with our business hours tailored accordingly.  At WPR, our VIP'S must always experience a professional level of commitment.

Comment & Questions you could ask of the OTHER OPTIONS (OO):
  1. Do they have a VACCINATION POLICY, if not why not?  Motivations lay elsewhere, impractical to require, might impact core business?
  2. Do they have a PARASITE PREVENTION POLICY, dealing with ticks including paralysis, fleas and worms? If not, why not?
  3. Does the OO have APPROPRIATE INSURANCE for their operations including SAFE, SECURE, VEHICLE TRANSPORT of your VIP?  
  4. Does the other option potentially have CONTACT WITH other UNVACCINATED PETS just before they deal with yours? 
  5. Are unvaccinated pets and vaccinated pets in contact with each other? 
  6. What is their Hygiene standards, decontamination & daily cleaning regime?  Impractical to do so, environment not suitable?
  7. How then does the OO deal with the potential SERIOUS CROSS CONTAMINATION ISSUES ref. potentially fatal disease, virus and parasite?
  8. Did you know that the influenza like virus bordatella (can be fatal to the old and young) is an airborne virus also transmittable indirectly by other objects e.g.clothing?  At WPR, in addition to core vaccine requirements we also INSIST ON PARAINFLUENZA & BORDATELLA PROTECTION TO C5 standard for all dogs, at a frequency of administration that meets our strict vaccination standard.
  9. Did you know that a dog can be a SILENT CARRIER OF BORDATELLA VIRUS and yet still appear quite healthy?
  10. Do those who deal with unvaccinateds and vaccinateds, manage changes of their clothing, including showering and perhaps use F10 foot pads (i.e. impregnated with veterinary grade disinfectant) for shoe management, during travels between different households?  Why not?
  11. The OLD & YOUNG pets are much more VULNERABLE to contracting disease, virus etc.
  12. Is PET FRIENDLY really another way of saying DISEASE OR PARASITE FRIENDLY? Perhaps not? Perhaps it is? See 1. & 2. Above.
  13. VISITS - Does one of the OO's charge you say $30 or $40 for a 15 minute visit [ approx. $120+ per hour].  Our off peak B&B rate is well less than $1.40 per hour, inclusive of GST. 
  14. Who is supervising your pet for the other 23hrs and 45’?
  15. HOME VISIT SCENARIO - You have left your pet at home with the well intentioned, perhaps inexperienced, other option. Your pet is a social being. Will your pet cope with the sudden change of routine? Is your pet, potentially feeling isolated as they notice your absence? Is he/she NOW BARKING or trying to ESCAPE or perhaps involved in a DOG ATTACK after its escape?  At WPR we focus on establishing VIP's into a neutral environment that quickly becomes their 2nd home.  Our VIPs become accustomed and truly do enjoy considered placement and OUR busy routine.  Constantly reinforcing the positive, with lots of interactions.  It really does makes our day when we get that tail wagging early :-)  Oh and by the way, clearly our day is longer than 15' :-)
  16. Your FENCING may be ADEQUATE when you are home, or before and after work every day, is it adequate when you are not there?
  17. Who is RESPONSIBLE for BARKING, ESCAPE, POTENTIAL DOG ATTACK, perhaps you OR the temporary carer OR both? 
  20. HOME SECURITY - Are you ADVERTISING YOUR ABSENCE, by organising home visits?
  21. Can your OO ACCESS YOUR VIP for that 15’ visit during ROAD CLOSURES caused by EXTREME WEATHER EVENTS?
  22. Did you know a PARALYSIS TICK could have FATAL CONSEQUENCES for your pet between those once daily visits?  Does your other option know the signs and symptoms of paralysis tick?
  23. POTENTIAL HEAT STRESS.  There are many scenarios, here's a simple one. On a hot day, your pet may knock over it's water bucket, trying to keep cool.  A dog is far less tolerant to dehydration then we are? How is this risk managed?
  24. Does your OO lack commitment or the ability to focus on your pet, as circumstances require?  Are they in fact MORE COMMITTED to their OTHER FULL TIME DAY JOB?
  25. Does the FACILITY you use, also TAKE IN or IMPOUND STRAY DOGS of unknown vaccination parasite prevention status on behalf of a LOCAL COUNCIL?  WPR certainly doesn't.
  26. How is potential fatal cross contamination prevented / mitigated / managed in such a dual purpose facility?
  27. ILLEGAL BACKYARD HOME OPERATIONS, DO you SERIOUSLY THINK they allow your pet to potentially urinate and defaecate in their house?   FACT: Many Dogs & Bitches, will mark their new territory, desexed or not.
  28. VERY IMPORTANT: Perhaps discuss the accommodation type used in the home, do they use crates or other caging on a verandah or in a shed or even tie your dog up?  There is some in the area who allegedly do exactly that.  RSPCA matter.  Which OO does this?
  29. Does the OO pack RUN PETS INDISCRIMINATELY, potentially exposing some timid with boisterous, young with old at risk of long term psychological damage or even physical injury? Sadly this HAS OCCURRED in the Whitsundays courtesy of some very amateur & inexperienced OO's
  30. How does the OO SEPARATE PETS, including the resting, timid, older or those younger pets whose joints are still developing and really don't need a potential shoulder charge from a much larger dog?
  31. HEAT MANAGEMENT.  Do the pets have some down time or are they ‘exercised’ constantly hour after hour, at the risk of heat exhaustion?  How do they manage the vulnerable short faced 'brachycephalic' breeds?
  32. Has the backyard operator a permit to operate? To have more than 3 dogs on a residential block is prohibited.  Such a permit if in existence is almost certainly not designed for commercial operation where money or barter occurs regardless of numbers, even 1 or 2 dogs.  Are you therefore prepared to risk having your offending dogs, potentially seized by council from such an operator? 
  33. The above list is certainly not exhaustive...
At Whitsunday Pet Resort we successfully & professionally manage all of the above and quite a deal more...
Our exceptional value, our risk mitigation and proven management processes, provides genuine peace of mind. 
This is largely why our wonderful customers make Whitsunday Pet Resort their FIRST CHOICE for their Very Important Pets - VIP's!

I wish to cancel my booking, change my booking OR my booking is effectively self cancelled as I fail to show and / OR am unable OR choose not to comply with terms & conditions including resort entry requirements. What happens next?

Can I pick up or deliver my pet outside your business hours?

Sorry we are CLOSED.  Our trading hours are for your prior planning.  Check in & check out closes 15' before the end of a trading session.  Trading hours are strictly adhered to for many reasons, including the routine and comfort of our in house guests (VIP's).  Whitsunday Pet Resort therefore DOES NOT provide, offer or negotiate out of hours arrivals or departures.  

If you find you have arrived out of hours, please return during our next scheduled trading session.  

"We are a busy facility and have many other related commitments.  We are also bound by council by-laws, which must be respected and strictly adhered to.  In addition, it is equally important to preserve the routine and comfort of our Very Important Pets."
Alternative options:
  • Many of our customers nominate a third party (proxy owner, agent or representative) who may be able to assist you, in check in and collection during our business hours.  # IMPORTANT - Third party proxies MUST be 'prior approved' by Whitsunday Pet Resort.
  • Alternatively you are welcome to drop off your pet the day before or collect the day after.
Thank you for respecting our privacy and our vision for your Very Important Pets.

UPDATE - the following certainly does not apply to our typical wonderful and respectful customers, it only applies on those rare occasions to those few who may have missed some of our previous correspondence, or who may have some 'specsaver' type difficulty in reading & complying with property signage :-)

To address VIP security, everyone's health and welfare issues, some additional 'out of hours' comment and to provide general education on expected behaviours, it has become necessary to provide some further explanation to the above:- 

1. WANDERING OUT OF HOURS - It is a serious WH&S issue and Trespass matter for those who intentionally or not, display little respect for our business hours, appointments, property boundaries or signage AND commence to wander through the property, whether you are 'arriving early' for a Wednesday appointment - you may be the only appointment and /or we have yet to unlock for normal business hours.  

2. WH&S comment:
a) Some pets are very protective of their locale and through frustration may 'vent' on a staff member if they cannot 'get' to a wandering stranger; 
b) Off lead, high level dog training may also be occurring on the property out of hours.  

3. TRESPASS comment:
a) Security of our VIP's, our property, is taken seriously. 
b) Trespassers WILL be prosecuted. 
c) Additionally, a person arriving early or late for appointment with a misguided belief that they are somehow entitled to ignore signage and wander through the property etc., may certainly be classified as trespassing. 
d) Our signage applies to everyone.

4. STAFF NOT AVAILABLE.  Staff are not requested OR asked to be available to assist with out of hours requests.  Even if they were available, the raw wages cost factor alone, 2 staff minimum overtime rates for a min. of 2 or 3 hrs each (depending on award or agreement), the administration of same...  It is not commercially viable & completely disregards our vision that includes all pets.

5. # THIRD PARTY PROXIES.  Pet sitters who may be at a higher occupational risk of coming into contact with other unvaccinated animals and as a consequence may transfer viruses etc. are typically NOT approved for third party pick up or delivery of pets.

6. EXTERNAL EVENTS OUT OF OUR CONTROL.  Should an 'issue out of our control' cause you a delay and you subsequently 'miss a flight', the 'bank closing time' or a 'tour departure', then naturally you adjust your plans and reschedule.  We certainly empathise and understand that such rescheduling may be at some considerable inconvenience to you. In ALL such circumstances we ask that you respect our operating hours and similarly reschedule your arrival and departure time to our next scheduled trading session, and regardless of whether it is a weekend or a public holiday etc.  Remember our office is closed between hours of scheduled trade and such scenario is not an excuse to attend & wander around the property, please refer to 2. & 3. above.

A genuine thank you for your further consideration & understanding.

What is your normal response time to an email or phone message?

Your email or phone message is naturally VERY IMPORTANT to us, however they are only checked during office hours. 
Our priority is always with our in house guests (VIP's).

Response times:  Our office is not staffed between hours. We endeavour to respond to all such emails or phone messages within 24-36hrs of receiving them.

Thank you for your patience & co-operation.  

Tip - have you checked your junk mail box??

What if I have a change of plans and wish to pick up my pet early?

As we generally hydrobath or carry out a kitty kat dry wash and groom* the morning before your scheduled departure, we would certainly appreciate your courtesy of providing 48 hours notice of any changes to your pick up appointment time.

There are no refunds for checkout or pickups earlier than the accommodation originally booked.

Thank you for allowing us to present your VIP in the best possible way!

* included in our Platinum & Platinum Plus Cat packages; and complimentary after a 7 day stay; on our standard / B&B package.

What are your vaccination & minimum age requirements AND besides 2 consecutive vaccination certificates, what else should I bring along at check in?

The minimum standard for dogs is C5

The minimum standard for cats is F3

Any concern or doubt as to your pets current vaccination status MUST be cleared with us at the booking inquiry phase and PRIOR to: payment of a booking fee AND your pet entering our resort.

A) You need to be able to produce your pets last 2 consecutive vaccinations that consists of: 1. A copy of your VIP's current vaccination and; 2. Your VIP's previous vaccination that should have been given within the recommended 12 monthly continuous cycle.  SEE B) below ref. production of parasite product boxes and or receipts.

Your pets annual vaccination is a little overdue?  If your pets current vaccination has not been given in a 12 monthly continuous cycle, there is a small grace period, HOWEVER we firstly need the date of the previous vaccination, so as we can properly assess your pets immunity status.  Regardless your pets vaccination; even if not overdue and within the recommended 12 monthly cycle, it should always be given at least 2 weeks prior to the commencement of boarding; even if this means giving the vaccination early.

Vaccinations that fall due, should always be given a minimum of 2 weeks prior to when boarding commences, even if this means giving the vaccination earlier than scheduled. 

Vaccinations that have lapsed by greater than 28 days but less than 90 days, cannot board with us until after 14 clear days from the date of the lapsed renewal vaccination. Day 0 being the date of vaccination, Day 15 the pet can check in.

Vaccinations that have lapsed by 90 days or more are required to recommence their vaccination program like that of an unvaccinated animal.  Two (2) C5 or F3 vaccinations are given.  The second vaccination given 30 days after the first.  14 clear days after the 2nd vaccination is given, the pet can board with us.

Upgrading from a C4 to C5 vaccination. Regardless of whether the upgrade is delivered via intra-muscualar injection, intra-nasal or intra-oral method your pet may have been previously exposed, or it may be shedding the bacteria as a result of the upgrade. So regardless of the efficacy of the various vaccine & various immune response build up times, to simplify things, we still require a clear 14 day immunity build across the board AND regardless of upgrade type. Day 0 being the date of upgrade. Day 15 the dog can check in.

You only have your pets current vaccination but not his or her previous vaccination information.  Perhaps your pet is a rescue pet?  Your pet is required to receive a 2nd or booster vaccination, at least 30 days after the current vaccination.  14 clear days after the 2nd booster vaccination is given, your pet can board with us.  Day 0 being the date of booster. Day 15 the dog can check in.

Admittedly our vaccination policy is fairly robust.  We take the responsibility for the health and welfare of all of our VIP's seriously.  We simply prefer to err on the side of caution and aim for best practice and standard that will always be higher than minimum.

Puppy / kitten vaccinations.  Minimum age is 5 months.  All cats must be desexed.  At the initial inquiry stage; we recommend that you SCAN & EMAIL or FAX to us (photographs not acceptable; the front and back of your puppy or kittens full vaccination card.  The vaccination card to show:- a) date and type of all vaccinations given, b) your pets name and date of birth.   

B) Whitsunday Pet Resort prides itself on being a parasite free zone.  Please also bring along your product box and / or receipts, together with dates last administered of your pets:

  • veterinary grade of tick, flea and worming control.
  • due to various reasons, photographs of product boxes are no longer acceptable.
  • this information must be provided in person, at or prior to the time of check in.

Alternatively we can certainly assist with various options on check in.

All of our VIP's and customers certainly appreciate your efforts in helping us meet this very important resort standard.

When does the peak period apply?

The peak period rate is charged on all Queensland School Holiday Periods that includes the Christmas New Year Period and the Easter holiday break.  

The peak period rate is also charged on public holidays and public holiday periods.  

A public holiday period is one where a public holiday leads into or follows a weekend i.e. where the public holiday is either on the Friday or Monday.   

All other periods can generally be regarded as the off peak period (daily discount applied)

Will you accept a pet that is not well?

Pets with treated or untreated injuries, diseases or illnesses, may not be accepted into the resort.  

All injuries, disease or illness must be disclosed during your booking inquiry and prior to your pets arrival.

Do I need to bring bedding for my pet?

Not at all.  All bedding is supplied.  All bedding is washed & treated daily.

If you still wish to bring your dogs 'special' bed, it must be:
  • clean 
  • labelled with your dogs name & surname
  • of an approved type.
If you wish to bring any blankets or towels, they must be moderate in size and ones that you are prepared to lose, as any unhygienic or soiled bedding will be disposed of.

We certainly keep our VIP's warm and wash and sort our own blankets & towels daily.

Premium Bedding? - Please refers to our platinum packages for information on our premium bedding options.

If I pick up my pet during one of your afternoon sessions, will I be charged extra?

No, you will not be charged any extra if you collect your pet in one of our afternoon sessions.  We charge a daily rate that includes the day of drop off and day of collection, regardless of whether that occurs in the morning or afternoon.  Many of our customers already take advantage of this and use the opportunity to unpack, unhitch the boat or van and collect their VIP during one of our afternoon sessions.  For further explanation on daily rate, please refer to our FAQ "Why do you have a daily rate?".

Why are all dogs charged at the same daily rate?

General resort management and routine, the amount of infrastructure, equipment, miscellaneous costs, floor space allocated, exercise, care and attention needed, staffing levels, is in essence, the same for all dogs, no matter what their size.  

The amount of food consumed by each VIP is only a small percentage of the total cost.  Ironically the smaller dogs get a little extra, in the form of a recently introduced delicious super premium tinned food options that accompanies our super premium dry food as required.

Many of our smaller VIP's simply require additional one-on-one time & care, including extra supervision in our exercise yards.  

We would have it no other way at Whitsunday Pet Resort.  

And yes while cost is very important, what goes on behind the scenes is even more so.

My pet hasn't been in a resort before, what can I do?

It is best to check in your VIP earlier in the day if possible, to allow more time for your pet to familiarise itself with its surrounding and our routine.  

This will also give us lots of time for frequent and positive interactions throughout the day to get your dogs tail wagging or your kitty kat purring.

My VIP has a special diet, can I bring my own food or can you supply it?

Yes you can bring your own food, restrictions apply as per COVID safe management update. 

  • Please refer to par. 39 of Whitsunday Pet Resort Pty Ltd   ACN 163 053 110  Contract - Agreement - Terms & Conditions – All Pets when you register on our new online booking program
There is a small daily storage and preparation fee for any food you provide that requires refrigeration or a freezer.

However with 14 days notice we can generally provide any veterinary grade super premium food of your choice and without additional charge.

We also have a menu of extras, sides and main meals for a small additional cost that you can select on check in to supplement our standard B&B package. 

Please refer to our platinum and platinum plus packages where choices ranging from treats to meals are automatically included in the daily rate.

For more information on package content, please click here  Cats   Dogs

Can I order some treats or extra meal options at check in?

You certainly can!

We have a range of natural treats, sides and extra main meal options available for an additional cost.

Ranging from raw eggs, chicken necks, Greenies ® dental chew, pigs ears and marrow bone portions.  We also provide various cooked meals such as chicken mince with penne pasta.

Menu selection available at check in.

Please see our platinum and platinum plus packages that already include extra treats and meal options.  Please click here Dogs  Cats  

Some of the dogs seem a little excited when I enter the resort?

When our customers arrive and depart with their VIPs, some of our in-house VIP's think they could be 'next', and so a little bit of 'chat' between them may start. 

If you are collecting your VIP, your dog and yes your cat, already knows you are at the Resort before you even get out of your vehicle.

Many of our VIPs may also be getting exercised or fed, or just having a game on your arrival.

Depending on the days antics, we are also very conscious to encourage and carefully place any shy dogs in the most suitable accommodation.

When we are closed it is a different story, as is bed time.  Generally you can hear a pin drop.  The VIP's have been fed the best food you can buy, they have been exercised, their beds are cosy...it's time for more sleep...

What are the steps to confirm my booking?

1st STEP:

If making a booking inquiry, please include the following information:

  • Arrival & Departure Dates (am or pm)
  • Package Type
  • Pet's Name & Breed
  • Vaccination/s (2 consecutive) incl. Type & Date given
  • Special needs or medical conditions
  • Applicable dates, if your pet has visited another Pet Care or Pet friendly location or establishment or had a Pet Sitter visit in the last 21 days?

Please click here to Contact us

2nd STEP:

After we receive your inquiry, we then obtain a booking fee (deducted from final accommodation cost) to confirm your booking. 

On short notice this fee may need to be paid the same day as your inquiry.


All VIP families signing a completed copy of our Pet-Details-Acknowledgement.pdf Form at check in or before (it provides details & profile of your VIP and also acknowledges you agree with & accept our various conditions, please refer to Bookings.

Express Check In - please refer to our Bookings page for further details.

What are your payment options, including account details for a direct debit deposit?

Payment options (with balance due upon check in)

a) If your arrival is imminent or on short notice, you may wish to pay your 40% booking fee over the phone with a credit card OR, 

b) if able to, call in personally and pay with cash, or eftpos / credit card.

c) If funds deposited will clear in time to meet booking conditions you may wish to make a direct debit or deposit to our bank account:

Bank: Commonwealth Bank

Account Name: Whitsunday Pet Resort Pty Ltd
BSB: 062005
Account Number: 11001159

Payment Reference: Please ensure you have included your pets’ first name and your surname e.g. “MollySmith”

*IMPORTANT - Evidence of direct debit payment: 

Please scan & email or fax evidence of that payment, to ensure tracing & confirmation of your direct debit / deposit can be made. 

Funds should be cleared in time to meet booking conditions.  

Thank you.