Our luxury boarding kennels are available at prices any dog would want to chase down!

Unlike standard dog kennels, our pet resort boasts a great deal of space and includes a separate wing for elderly dogs and smaller VIP’s keen for a calmer experience.  The pet resort is also fully harmonised with guests able to be placed strategically to ensure that their neighbours are an excellent match according to temperament and demeanour.   These wonderful characters complement each other and friends are made!  

At Whitsunday Pet Resort, we have an excellent track-record of success with animal husbandry, dog behavioural psychology, personality profiling, obedience clubs, search and detection training, conformation showing and dog breeding.  Standard dog kennels do not offer these kinds of expertise, so you can rest assured knowing that your beloved pet will be in the safest hands possible.

In addition to our three beautiful exercise yards at the front of the resort (two featuring stunning gum trees – dog heaven!), we have a new secure exercise yard at the rear.  Standard dog kennels are often quite limited on space, but our guests all have a massive amount of room to stay and play.  Our varied interactions, consistent care and conscientious work ethic serve to ensure that all of the guests in our pet resort are comfortable and happy. 

However, we know that dog boarding is not just about comfort and play exercise - what most dogs love to do is eat!  And when it comes to food, Whitsunday Pet Resort provides nothing but the absolute best.  Our guests simply adore our range of Advance® & Royal Canin® Super Premium food!

  • Seniors +$5.00 per day (applied at operators discretion, to all pets 11 years of age and over)
  • Entire male dogs +$9.00 per day - (8 months of age +) (numbers limited)
  • 2nd daily medication (routine oral & topical) +$7.00 per day (administration of / recording of / storage of vet prescribed meds)
  • Additional care / high dependency from $12 per day
  • "Peak period": B&B +$4.00 per day; Puppy Enrichment +$6.00; Confidence Package +$6.00; Platinum + $6.00; Platinum Plus + $8.00. [refer to FAQ for peak period times.
  • Solo accommodation requested by you OR required by us, will attract a surcharge that typically applies only in our busier Peak periods, Christmas /New Year or other times of maximum capacity. The surcharge is + 50% of the current applicable daily accommodation rate. Please click on this FAQ's link and scroll down to the relevant FAQ for a full explanation, and to see if this surcharge will apply.

* DAILY RATE: Accomodation fees for each pet, are calculated on a calendar day basis.  This also includes the day of arrival and the day of departure, regardless of which session you arrive in or depart on. 

  • Our daily rate allows you to check in during the morning & checkout during the afternoon on our # busiest days, and is how most use our services.
  • Accordingly your pets accommodation must be reserved for the entire day, even if you arrive in the afternoon or leave in the morning.
  • See FAQ's for further comment on daily rate. 
  • # See Trading Hours.

## Our Annual price rise is effective from 1st July each year and reflects increased operating costs such as insurance, super premium food, & similar miscellaneous costs that have occurred in the preceding 12 months. 1st July is also aligned with the national wage increase. Comment: Insurance rises have been noticed in 2019/20, significant covid-19 costs have not been passed on @1/7/20.

Packages: All dogs - from $35 per day, inc. gst *

Standard (B&B style):

Off Peak $35.00

Peak  $39.00

From just $35 per day, your canine companion can look forward to their:

  • Apartment with spacious, partitioned sleeping area
  • Framed hammock style bed with bed linen cleaned daily

In addition to the large shady exercise areas, your dog will have one of their very own to use whenever the mood takes them.

Unlike the basic kibble that standard kennels provide, we serve up our scrumptious range of Advance ® & Royal Canin ® Super Premium Foods - proven complete nutritious delicious doggy delight!

  • We also guarantee supervised exercise up to twice a day.

COMPLIMENTARY - Veterinary prescribed standard / basic medication will be carefully applied or administered once a day with absolute compassion.

COMPLIMENTARY - Hydrobath Spa shampoo on morning prior to scheduled departure (minimum 7 day stay).

Confidence Package - recommended for timid, nervous, inexperienced & unsocialised dogs (min. 3 day stay)

Off Peak $57.00

Peak $63.00


We always say confidence travels down the lead, but there is a little more to it than that.

Many of our VIP’s may be a little shy having lacked some of the essential socialization that young & not so young dogs typically experience, starting with puppy school, obedience classes etc. Many of our VIPs are also fortunate to have been rescued into a loving home and in some cases it is unknown what environmental experiences they have been previously exposed too. Many are a work in progress.  All experiences should be positive. Ultimately your VIP; is given options, and then decides, this is ok, I would like to do that :-)  The process of small positive steps cannot be rushed.  It takes a lot of time and dedication. Ultimately your VIP is looking to trust, to bond and please you, their pack leader.  The following is not intended as a substitute for a training program. However and by popular demand, it is designed to compliment your desire and ours for your VIP to have the best experience possible.  We also refer you to our website testimonials and Facebook reviews, some of which endorse what we are saying. We have previously encouraged dogs from a timid belly crawl, to a confident trot on lead past one or two carefully selected neighbours & into our large exercise yards.  We absolutely love being able to provide positive experiences. It simply makes our day, & your VIP’s :-)

Everything in the Standard package is included PLUS:

  • Appropriate accommodation placement selected by WPR
  • Targeted and varied one - on - one interactions, rewarding & promoting positive confident behaviours.
  • Daily brush grooming and gentle massage session (special one – on - one time)
  • Opportunity for a favourite game from home – interactive fun time OR sit together have a chat time.
  • The supervised opportunity to meet new friends, first as resort neighbours, then initially on lead in our exercise yard. NEXT, they may certainly qualify for off lead play provided; they are similar in enthusiasm, size, temperament and disposition. Note: Males must be desexed for off lead play.
  • Exemption from the aged care charge
  • Daily treat worth up to $3 delivered with lots of pats and cuddles.
  • Priority facebook ‘character’ photo within 72 hours - conditions apply.


  • 1 x Scentral park 'sniff around' walk for each 7 day block of accommodation.  Session min. 10', aiming for 15' to 20'; varies proportionately with age, breed & climatic considerations, co-operation, enjoyment & confidence :-)
  • Staying LESS than 7 days?  
    • COMPLIMENTARY participation in "Neck Bone Saturday" provided.
    • COMPLIMENTARY Hydrobath Spa shampoo on morning prior to scheduled departure (min 5 day stay – normally 7 day qual.)

Puppy Enrichment Package to 12 months of age  (min. 3 day stay; min. age for resort entry - 5 months)

Off Peak $57.00

Peak $63.00

The first 12 months of your puppy's fun filled life is critical to its development. This enrichment package is not intended to replace the highly recommended puppy school or those formal obedience sessions you take your puppy to.  However, due to popular demand, we now offer a package your puppy will absolutely love!

Everything in the Standard package is included PLUS:

  • Essential Second daily puppy meal (BOTH meals Super Premium Puppy)
  • Preferred accommodation placement selected by WPR
  • Targeted and varied one - on - one interactions, rewarding & promoting positive confident behaviours.
  • Mental stim / stimulation sessions; with daily "Seek the Treat" and similar fun times using  Royal Canin Educ - a low calorie nutritional supplement & educational treat.  If initially OR not overly 'food/prey' driven, then session may be substituted with introductory brush, massage or sit together chat.  Small positive positive steps :-)
  • Supervised exercise now ramped up to an interactive play environment (up to 2 sessions daily) to burn the 'we love life' excess energy and the opportunity to experience and adapt, AND to meet new friends; PROVIDED playmates are similar in enthusiasm, age, size, temperament & disposition.
  • Exemption from entire male surcharge
  • Priority facebook 'character' photo within 72 hours - conditions apply.


  • 1 x Scentral park 'sniff around' walk for each 7 day block of accommodation.  Session min. 10' , aiming for 15' to 20'; varies proportionately with puppy's age, breed, co-operation, attention span :-), climatic considerations.
  • Staying LESS than 7 days?  Complimentary participation in "Neck Bone Saturday" provided.

Platinum Dog (min. 2 day stay):

Off Peak $57.00

Peak $63.00

For extra tender loving care, the Platinum option guarantees that your pampered pooch will get all the attention they need from just $57 per day.

Everything in the Standard package is included plus:

  • Bedding upgraded to premium hammock trampoline style with ProFleece style veterinary approved blanket (ideal for the older dogs as the surface remains dry)
  • Daily Brush grooming and gentle massage session (special one - on - one  time)
  • Opportunity for a favourite game from home - interactive fun time OR sit together have a chat time
  • Exemption from the aged care charge
  • A second daily standard medication visit
  • Daily Treat worth up to $3 delivered with lots of pats and cuddles
  • Complimentary refrigerated or freezer storage of any supplied food as required, prepared and served by us daily

In addition, for the discerning, debonair dog; we pre-brush each Platinum guest upon entry before Hydrobathing with specialist Fido's ® Fre-itch treatment shampoos.  We then rub down and blow dry before attending to your VIP with a routine specialist brush session, and then every seven days with a bonus spa shampoo and routine specialist brush session before departure!  Our guests even receive a delicious doggy treat after every wash!!

Platinum Dog Plus: (min. 2 day stay):

Off Peak  $88.00

Peak $96.00

A deluxe experience for your holidaymaking hound!  From just $88 per day, we will provide a veritable feast of additional features!

Everything in the Platinum package is included, PLUS

  • Access to a cosy cubby house (great for smaller dogs) and 2nd day bed, moved as required!
  • Premium position accommodation placement profiled to your dogs needs
  • Arrival Puppychino with the owner operators
  • a la carte menu
  • A third daily standard medication visit (if required)
  • Daily selection of premium treats, now up to $5 value (Greenies® natural pet treats and dental chews, chicken necks or wings, neck bone) delivered with lots of pats and cuddles!

HydroBath Spa sessions with Fido's ® Fre-Itch Concentrate upgraded to the professional grade tick (including paralysis) & flea rate together with a pre-bath brush down, concluding with a delicious doggy treat, and additional post bath groom, when dry.  These spas are provided at:

  • Entry
  • Every 7 days
  • Preparation for departure


  • Complimentary Pet Report Update within 48 hours, then every 7 days, OR (at customers election); Priority facebook ‘character’ photo/s within 48 hours - conditions apply.
  • # Min. 15' up to 20' + daily on lead fun walk or easy run (if your pet is registered, we may go off site on a pre-assessed route) # variation in time may be caused by factors such as age, breed (i.e. brachycephalic) general health, enthusiasm or climatic considerations.
  • Complimentary *** pet chauffeur service, available by appointment on week days, in our secure air conditioned commercial vehicle from Whitsunday Pet Resort to pick up or drop off destination and back (minimum 3 day stay)

*** our standard rates apply after 30km total travel