Welcome to Whitsunday Pet Resort - where Very Important Pets STAY & PLAY ®

Here at Whitsunday Pet Resort, we’re obsessed with the happiness of your pet! For the duration of their stay, they will be considered a beloved, furry family member; thoroughly cared for, pampered and doted upon. Our level of adoration and affection for animals is matched only by our expert knowledge, diligence and professionalism. 

Set apart from any other pet resort, Whitsunday Pet Resort provides an attentive, luxury holiday experience for your treasured companion. Our carefully balanced programme of comfort, fun and entertainment will ensure that your pet’s physical and mental wellbeing is not only satisfied, but buoyed and refreshed. 

All pet resort guests receive stimulating exercise (proportionate to age and size) twice daily, including the enthusiastic, personal camaraderie of the business owners themselves. We also believe that only the best food will do for our honoured guests, so, just as the most revered hotels offer the finest cuisine, Whitsunday Pet Resort provides the most delicious super-premium food - the pinnacle of nutrition and taste.

 We wholeheartedly understand how hard it can be to be separated from your pet, which is why we’re dedicated to securing your trust with our Whitsunday Pet Resort pledge of quality care. When you entrust your pet to us, it is our aim to make the experience as pleasant as possible. We guarantee that we will spend as long as it takes to ensure that our dog or cat visitors are completely fulfilled and settled in our pet resort environment.

We strive to stay ahead of the curve, which is why our facilities are constantly updated and modernised, providing the very best in pet resort care - maximising comfort and safety.

Further, all pet resort guests are closely monitored and receive frequent, varied interactions. This allows us to detect any behavioural or physical changes and respond when necessary.

Our clients are vitally important to us and we're genuinely committed to a programme of proactive care that keeps your cats purring and dogs’ tails wagging!

To see some more detailed information regarding the specialised programmes available for either dogs or cats, please take a look at our dedicated service pages.

TRADING & OFFICE HOURS # :   * By PRIOR appointment only for confirmed bookings - 15' customer spacing applies.

Similar to the customary respect you already provide to the operating hours, schedules and timetables of your supermarket, bank, tour, transport or airline operator; a genuine thank you for extending the equivalent respect to our small business hours AND 'our vision' that must include the routine & comfort of 'everyones' Very Important Pets (VIP's).   See FAQ's for other options - e.g. authorised proxy. 

Check-in & check-out CLOSES 15' BEFORE end of session. LAST APPOINTMENT 30' before end of session.

Unable to keep your appointment? To maintain & respect integrity of appointment spacing, potential rescheduling request needs to kindly & respectfully occur, PRIOR to your appointment time. Rescheduling is always subject to availability. 15' late, appt. is auto cancelled. 

Monday: 8am - 10am & 3pm - 5pm

Tuesday: 8am - 10am & 3pm - 5pm


Thursday: 8am - 10am & 3pm - 5pm

Friday: 8am - 10am & 3pm - 5pm

*Saturday: 9am - 11am ONLY

*Sunday: 3pm - 5pm ONLY

CLOSED: All Public Holidays. See FAQ's for additional closures.

# Day care not available (Sat, Sun).

* 15' Appointment spacing only, commencing 20/3/2020 - ref. 'our' Covid-19 customer distancing policy.  Resort may be closed prior to & after your appointment. Example. IF the last appt. of a session is 9.15am on a typically quiet off-peak Tuesday, we may elect to close early.

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