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PRIORITY RESPONSE:  To avoid delays & follow up, ALL customers are kindly requested to address 1-6 in the comment section below. RETURNING CUSTOMERS, this also includes any changes or updates since your last visit.  Thank you.

Please address 1-6 below in your inquiry-

  • 1. Arrival & Departure Dates / Session time;    CHECK IN / OUT CLOSES 15' prior to end of session.  BEFORE MAKING A BOOKING INQUIRY, PLEASE REFER TO B/hrs on home page. See FAQ's for additional closures, particularly during peak periods}  IMPORTANT: Wednesdays are by limited appointment - check in AM only, check out PM only. **IF no appts, the office / admin may be closed on a Wednesday**
  • 2. Package type (B&B, Confidence, Puppy Enrichment, Platinum, Platinum Plus)
  • 3. Pet's Name & Breed; De-sexed: Yes/No.
  • 4. VACCINATION/S - DATES & TYPE of last 2 (TWO) vaccinations given, unless puppy or kitten - where we need ALL 3 dates / types AND their date of birth. IF instead you advise 'vaccinations up to date' or similar, this will cause a follow up email.
  • 5. a) Any special needs, incl. related to medical conditions or medications or treatment requiredb) Any behavioural, anxiety (e.g. separation), or safety issues (e.g. incidents of human/dog aggression)?
  • 6. Has your pet visited another Pet Care OR Pet Friendly location OR had a Pet Sitter visit in the last 14 days?
  • LASTLY - Your inquiry is NOT a confirmed booking.  A booking fee is obtained. Responses are ONLY made during business hours.  Thank your your patience & co-operation :-)


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